If you’re an entrepreneur who’s considering joining the growing aesthetic industry we believe we’re the right partner for you.  Founded by business people like you, we saw a need in the marketplace and had the ingenuity, expertise and courage required to start something great.

Whether you’re opening a new medical spa or an emergency room doctor, OB/GYN, or family practice specialist who is weary of fighting for reimbursements, the booming aesthetic industry offers you an opportunity to perform cash-based treatments with delighted customers in a serene setting.

We believe success in your aesthetic practice comes by having the best equipment as well as a holistic plan for your business.  Not only do we equip you with world-class products, we also provide you with support in marketing, financing, training, business services, as well as service and support.

Speak with one of our consultative, educated Laser Sales Consultants and find the best Quanta device(s) to build your practice around.