Marketing for plastic surgeons can take many forms, such as email marketing, print ads, radio ads, television ads, vehicle wraps, billboards and other forms of outdoor advertisements, and digital marketing. Cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures are more popular today than ever before, which means competition for your business is fiercer than it’s ever been. As a plastic surgeon, you can make use of all these various forms of advertising to reach both your existing and potential clientele, but in order to be effective and realize the best results from your marketing efforts, you must have a strategic marketing plan.

According to a plastic surgery internet marketing case study done in 2016, the majority of people seeking plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures use both online and offline sources when doing research on procedures, results, and practitioners. Marketing for plastic surgeons is complex, and must be emotionally compelling to be effective, as the services provided by plastic surgery practices are life changing for many people. Advertising that elicits feelings of hope, happiness, confidence, and self-esteem can be extremely powerful in helping to convince someone who is interested but uncertain about committing to a procedure.

In order to get optimum results from your marketing campaigns, they must employ the latest marketing tools, lead management, and marketing automation to free your valuable time up to be spent on doing what you do best – changing lives for the better. You need to market your services so that you can continue to grow your patient base, but you also need to be free to run your practice and take care of the people who depend on your services.

One of the best tools for converting visitors to paying clients is your company blog. A blog post that is optimized for search engines with relevant keywords people seeking your services are searching for, delivers solid educational information about procedures, risks, and results, or inspires readers with emotionally engaging content is a great way to increase conversions. Patients who are considering a cosmetic procedure want relevant information, and your blog can prove an indispensable resource they can bookmark and refer back to when compiling their research.

When choosing a plastic surgeon, an essential element of the decision-making process is developing trust between the patient and the potential plastic surgeon. One of the best ways to build trust with your potential clientele is to provide them with education at no cost, and with no obligation. You can provide this information in the form of educational articles that inform your website visitors about the details of a procedure they are considering, especially if the article also contains relevant before and after photographs of others who have undergone the procedure.

Patient testimonials are also very compelling, especially if the person reading the testimonial feels that they can relate to the person who gave it. Providing real success stories from happy patients also proves your skill as a plastic surgeon in an undeniable manner.