In this current digital age, it is imperative to utilize multiple online avenues to effectively market your medical spa. Marketing for med spas today must include digital marketing efforts which encompass social media, search engine optimization, and paid advertising. Traditional forms of marketing such as radio and television advertising, magazine or trade journal publications, and the ever-dependable word of mouth still exist, but are offering diminishing returns due to the prevalence of digital and mobile devices, and the increasing number of ads we are all barraged with daily. Without dynamic, targeted digital marketing campaigns, your med spa business will not make it off the ground, much less thrive.

To reach your target audience, also known as your “perfect customers”, you must tailor your marketing efforts to that audience. It is essential that you speak to them in a language they understand, and talk about issues that matter to them. You want them to feel that you can relate to them, to the demands placed on them every day, and you want to be the one who offers a solution to their problem. If you don’t understand what is important to your ideal customer, how can you expect to reach them and convince them that their lives will be better by utilizing the services offered by your medical spa?

Today, social media is one of the best ways to take advantage of “word of mouth” advertising. With over two billion active social media users around the world, you cannot afford to ignore this powerful tool when building your digital marketing campaign strategy. Structuring an effective digital marketing campaign on a platform like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest can help you promote your brand and build a strong online community, which can result in your med spa dominating the industry in your local area.

One of the strengths of social media marketing is the engagement it offers your target market. Your potential customers can find out about special promotions your med spa offers, see pictures of your spa on social media, read about what your business is doing, and see what your happy customers have to say about how your services positively impacted their lives. Positive reviews or customer testimonials, along with “before and after” photos, can help build trust in the mind of a potential customer, and motivate them to reach out and contact you. This gives you an opportunity to convert that viewer into a real customer. Social media marketing gets results, and results will build your business.