Unless a customer knows you offer a dermatology clinic and services and has your company’s exact website name, having your services found online requires a little technical savvy known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO for dermatologists includes the art and science of optimizing your website through the proper use of keywords and keyword phrases in your website’s content. In addition, understanding how to effectively master the behind the scenes methodologies and strategies specific to SEO techniques is key to making sure your website is propelled to the top of search engine results and directories in your specific industry.


A wide body of knowledge is involved in putting together an effective and sound SEO strategy for your dermatology clinic. As you may be aware through your own use of search engines, many people do not delve past the first page of results that appear after a keyword search is enacted. Because of this, it is important to ensure you take the proper steps to ensure that your dermatology clinic is listed on the first page of results, for your best chance of being found in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engine results. These prominent and popular search engines utilize specific and unique algorithms which grade and rank your website, its keywords, and phrases, based on how relevant your information is to the search performed.

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The higher your website is ranked by a search engine in the organic (non-paid advertising; read more about PPC for dermatologists here) results displayed, the better the chance your company’s website will get the attention of those searching for the services you provide, and the greater opportunity for digital growth your company will experience in the form of consumer traffic.


SEO techniques and strategies are based upon a set of best practices followed by SEO specialists, analysts, web developers, and content writers to adhere to the over 200 ranking signals that Google uses to rank a site and URL. Following such practices will help your website attain the highest rankings possible in search engine results and improve the odds of your company’s website being discovered among your competitors on the world wide web.


An effective and important way to optimize a website for prominence in search engine results is through writing relevant content that engages and captivates readers. Utilizing prominent keywords and phrases that people use when utilizing search engines to find your products and/or services is key to increasing traffic to your website. It is vitally important to include these commonly searched words and phrases in all your content. However, using such language in natural cadences and not in a repetitive manner is also vitally important when creating a blog post, article, or building a home page. Also ensuring your content is engaging, informative, and interesting will help your message gain the attention it deserves and improve your SEO standings.


Utilizing SEO best practices and professional writing best practices is key to establishing a sound foundation for your online presence. Researching best keywords, being mindful of keyword density, avoiding spam-like terminology, and being sure to take advantage of your geographic location in search engines are some primary steps to take when creating a solid SEO platform for your dermatology clinic. In putting together your SEO strategy, also make sure to conduct a good competitive analysis to ensure you are taking advantage of the salient terminology being used in searches today.