We understand the importance financing plays in your equipment decision. Often, this can be the difference between investing in the equipment really needed to expand your practice, and equipment that is a distant second choice.

We have relationships with numerous lenders and can often manage the process to meet your financing requirements. Speak with us specifically about your needs, whether your main concern is lease term, lease payment, or deferred payments- we likely have a solution that meets your needs.

Leasing conserves capital while maximizing flexibility. Needs change with time so maximizing your ability to respond to market demands without consuming lines of credit is a tremendous advantage. Better yet, leasing is simple and straightforward. No need to venture into the complexities of depreciation schedules and Alternative Minimum Tax rates when you can simply deduct a lease payment as a business expense.

Depending upon your circumstances, we can secure an approval with just an application. Let us help you get the right equipment with the right financing to help you grow your practice.


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