Successfully adding a new aesthetic device to your existing practice takes careful planning.  Your staff is already comfortable with the features, benefits, and operations of your current equipment, and they are helping sell those services to your clients. When you add new equipment, you want to capture all the excitement that comes with the new offering, without losing the revenue you already have from your current equipment.

Is your current aesthetic practice looking to add another device to your portfolio of products?  At Quanta, not only do we offer world-class devices, hand-made in Italy, but we also offer an array of services to help you to be successful in your practice. We believe success comes by having the best equipment as well as a holistic plan for your business.  That’s why we are proud to offer support in marketing, financing, training, business services, as well as service and support.

If you’re researching new aesthetic equipment for your practice, please call one of our educated, Laser Consultants.  We will help you determine the right machine for your needs, and our industry-changing business model allows our consultants the time to discuss all your options.