Quanta Aesthetic Lasers is the right choice for discerning clinicians and investors in the aesthetic industry.  Quanta is set apart from other laser and medical device companies as we are business people first, a company founded by successful, experienced entrepreneurs.  Our founders sought out a superior line of aesthetic devices that were not distributed well in North America and quickly grew the brand and reputation of Quanta Aesthetic Lasers as a superior choice both for the quality of our lasers and the integrity of our organization.

Why Partner with Quanta Aesthetic Lasers?


At Quanta Aesthetic Lasers, we understand that your good reputation is your most important asset. We protect yours, as we protect ours, by careful communication and exacting execution of the details.


Partner with people you can believe in. Credibility matters, and at Quanta Aesthetic Lasers we back up our words with action.


We work hard to differentiate our offerings based on your practice needs.