“I really like the Quanta lasers. They look like a Ferrari and have a beautiful design. Patients are impressed when they walk into the room and see such a nice looking piece of equipment.”

– Dr. Mark Taylor – @gatewaylasercenter


Quanta Products Owned
Discovery PICO, EVO Light Series

“I can treat patients with residual tattoo ink and we can target the hardest colors and depths to get the results they are looking for with the fasted & most comfortable laser in the market”

– Dr. Sean Simon – @drseansimon, former Picosure owner


Quanta Products Owned
Discovery PICO

“It is one of the best, if not the best tattoo removal laser device on the market”

-Dr. Mert Dinc – @womenshealthmd


Quanta Products Owned
Discovery PICO

“I use the Q-Plus C to treat black and multi-colored tattoos and various pigmented lesions, including lentigines and café au lait macules. The ability to switch seamlessly between three different wavelengths is unique and invaluable. In particular, the addition of the 694 nm ruby laser to the platform allows me to treat the blues and greens that are resistant to Nd:YAG laser.

The laser is high-powered and fast, with repetition rates up to 10 Hz and with choice of three different spot sizes. Unlike alexandrite lasers, the Q-Plus C is ready to fire almost immediately after turning the key and does not require a lengthy warm up time. In summary, I have been very pleased with the performance and reliability of my Q Plus C laser.”

-Dr. Richard J. Ort – Dermatologist, Former Hoya ConBio Medlite C6 Owner

“There is a very real, appreciable difference I’ve experienced when working with Quanta Aesthetic Lasers. The team is knowledgeable, professional, consultative, and true to their word. The equipment is amongst the very best in the world. I’ve yet to utilize the service team because the equipment is so stable. I encourage you to seriously consider Quanta Aesthetic Lasers.”

– Dr. Bruce Saal, Dermatologist

“Unlike other Q-switch lasers in the market, the Q-Plus C with its multiple wavelengths is both powerful and reliable laser. It is my laser of choice for tattoo removal and treatment of lentigines. My patients love the results!”

– Dr. Gary Chuang, Tufts University

“No one likes it when their laser goes down. It’s disruptive and costly to the practice, and takes our focus away from our patients. My experience with Quanta Aesthetic Lasers has been quite positive in this regard. First, our laser has been down…but rarely. My Quanta Q-Plus C has been significantly more reliable than my Hoya C6.

Secondly, the response from Quanta Aesthetic Lasers has been tremendous. They are quick, concerned, and effective. In my experience, uptime is the single most important consideration, and my uptime with Quanta Aesthetic Lasers is significantly better than with other lasers.”

– Dr. Fred Eaglstein, Dermatologist

“The Quanta Light A Star is an amazing laser with many features that most lasers do not have. One of the best features in addition to its excellent quality is that you can operate between the YAG and Alex Laser without having to turn the machine off and on while working on the same client. The laser itself looks very sleek and modern.”

– Pam Archer, Founder of Bare Laser

“Choosing the “right” laser in a complex marketplace is not an easy thing to do. I’ve been involved in the medical laser industry for a decade and I’m familiar with most of the major laser companies and their devices as we’ve owned many different lasers over the years. I chose to work with Quanta USA not simply because we feel their new Q-Plus C Tattoo Removal laser is the new industry platform to beat, but also because the team behind Quanta USA is first-rate!

We put over 3 million shots on our Quanta Q-Plus C in the first six months at our busy laser tattoo removal practice and we are impressed at the quality and durability of our laser. Best of all, we can treat all colors of tattoo ink *without* requiring expensive consumable polymer dye hand-pieces and Quanta USA didn’t try to rope us into the expensive service contracts like their competitors. I’d very much recommend Quanta USA to anyone who is serious about their laser business.”

– Thomas H Barrows, M.D.

“We purchased two Quanta lasers in early 2012 and we have found the whole process easy from the buying to the installation of the equipment. The lasers have worked great in our location with no downtime. We cannot speak highly enough of the service and ease of our transaction in dealing with you and your company. We anticipate needing more equipment in the new year as we open new locations. Thanks again for your assistance.”

– Dave Rowe & Dr. Charles Reinhardt

“I am very pleased with my Quanta laser and the tattoo removal results with it have exceed my expectations. I particularly like how fast the laser turns on and is ready to use, its durable design, its range of fluence settings, ease of use, self calibration, three true lasers in one box and ability to treat fast, up to 10 hertz. The uniformity of the delivered laser pulse also reduces hot spots and makes results consistent. Of the 15 lasers and devices I own, the Quanta is one of my favorites.”

– Dr. Eric Schweiger, Dermatologist

“I would like to recommend your lasers for their durability and excellent results by just following your training manual. I’m impressed with the training supplied by your company when a purchase is made.  The trainers are very knowledgeable about the machines as well as the business itself. Your maintenance program is excellent. If you have a concern you can reach a technician 24/7. They are highly trained and know the equipment well. It has been a pleasure working with your team and the lasers are top notch.”

– Michael Sarti, M.D.

“The passion that Quanta has for the Skin of Color community is truly commendable.  They are at the forefront in recognizing how we perform aesthetics in relation to Skin of Color, or as I like to say, “Skin of Culture”. Quanta’s devices are among the best in the world, and I look forward to developing new, cutting-edge technologies with Quanta’s Italian manufacturer to continue addressing and treating Skin of Culture in the most safe and efficacious manner possible. Quanta has my recommendation.”

– Dr. Eliot Battle, MD, Cultura Dermatology

“My Quanta laser system has been a workhorse for my practice. In one device, I can safely perform Laser hair removal in patients of all skin types (including Fitzpatrick types V and VI) as well as tanned skin. This allows me freedom to treat patients all times of the year, instead of waiting for tans to fade or risking unwanted effects from treating darker skin.”

– Dr. Jennifer Lee, MD, REN Dermatology

“I continue to be humbled by the treatment I have received from Quanta and am very appreciative for all that you guys have done to make this feasible. Thank You a million times. I can’t say it enough.”

– Dr. G.A. Sprauve, Sprauve Tattoo Removal