Purchasing a laser or light-based aesthetic device is an exciting matter!  The potential to make money is great and your hopes for offering new treatments to happy customers provides momentum to get your business going or growing.  Proceed with confidence knowing that Quanta has amongst the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.  Quanta lasers cost less to own than comparable devices sold by many other manufacturers, and often are even less than a seemingly inexpensive used device when all costs are considered.

Downtime is expensive and frustrating, and potentially can cost you your most valuable customers.  Most laser companies talk about the size of their field service organizations.  Quanta tries to avoid downtime completely.  Quanta devices are handcrafted in Italy to precise, exacting standards with built-in reliability.  Quanta maximizes the time you can be offering treatments.  Isn’t that what is truly important?

Before making an aesthetic device purchase, you should also consider any costs you incur each time you perform a treatment with the device.  Quanta aesthetic devices do NOT have costly disposables, “treatment tax” or over-priced service contracts.  Procedures should equal profit.  Do you have to pay per pulse and buy more use of your own device after every 10 or 20 patients?  Are there expensive tips, handpieces, or other disposables?  Not with Quanta!

Also, if you lease your Quanta laser through our Finance team, we will work tirelessly to get you the best rate and payment terms available.  Smaller payments equal higher profits.  Lowest cost of ownership is one of many benefits of investing in a Quanta Aesthetic Laser!