Birthed from a desire to TRANSFORM AESTHETICS

With vast experience in the medical device industry, Quanta Aesthetic Lasers brings corporate integrity and world-class technology to your practice.  Integrity isn’t just a word to us, but is evident in every interaction you have with our sales department, service engineers, and home office staff.  Transforming aesthetics doesn’t happen by accident, but by our constant goal to do the right thing for our customers.

While we take great pride in our character, we don’t rest on integrity alone.  We’ve grown exponentially since 2010 by providing the best in Italian artistry and engineering.  Our first relationship is with Quanta System, SpA, headquartered in Milan, Italy, and founded in 1985.  Utilizing Italian creativity and research, and the methodology and tradition of their world-class optics industry, Quanta System, SpA handcrafts each laser to their exacting standards.

Italians have long been known for their superior blending of artistry and engineering, and that mastery is evident in each Quanta laser and light-based device.  Visit the Quanta System manufacturing facility in Milan and you will find engineers applying all of their education and expertise to the relentless pursuit of bringing the best aesthetic equipment to the marketplace.

Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery             Better Business Bureau Accredited Business