Laser treatment for acne scars and inflammatory acne treatment is an emerging sector of the aesthetics industry that is fast becoming part of regular aesthetic offerings.  Inflammatory acne can cause severe discomfort, discoloration and scarring with few treatment options.  The usual course of treatment involves prescription antibiotics or topical gels, which can take several months for the desired results.  Once treated, patients are often left with scarring, ranging from mild to severe.

Acne laser treatment systems from Quanta offer the ability for your practice to expand into the fast growing inflammatory acne scar treatment market.  The flagship of Quanta laser acne treatment, the Eterna IPL system, offers a way for practitioners to minimize initial cost and maximize revenue.  In addition to treatment of acne scars, the versatile IPL allows for a single device to perform multiple treatments in facial and leg veins, hair removal and vascular lesions.

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