• Lizabeth Glynn Shares her Successful Career Pivot Into Lasers

    Lizabeth Glynn has been a licensed hairstylist for 35 years, and spent most of that time using her talents on friends and family as she raised her children.  As the years passed, she was looking for ways to get her own skin to look smoother and even out her complexion. Her dermatologist recommended a deep… Read More

  • Choosing the Right Wavelengths for Laser Tattoo Removal

    Once upon a time, tattoos were primarily applied in black ink. Today, buying a laser for tattoo removal that only treats black ink would be like buying a black-and-white TV. Today’s challenge is color, and lots of it.   There are numerous technical considerations when selecting a tattoo removal laser that meets the challenges of… Read More

  • Prison Tattoo Removal

    We will never tire of spreading the news on how tattoo removal changes lives. This informative article from the digital business news outlet Quartz highlights the good work being done in the field, specifically by the respected professionals at Jails to Jobs and Fresh Start Tattoo Removal. The QuantaCares initiative continues to look for opportunities to… Read More

  • Tattoo Removal Changing Lives in Edmonton

    Income potential in the booming industry of laser tattoo removal shows no signs of slowing down.  In addition to profitability, there is a more altruistic reason to consider joining the industry–changing the lives of those whose tattoos are keeping them from moving forward in life.  Quanta Aesthetic Lasers customer, Second Skin Tattoo Removal, is featured in this article… Read More

  • Q-Switched Ruby Lasers and Tattoo Removal

    There are a number of important considerations in building a successful tattoo removal business; the importance of selecting a great location, front desk employees who excel at converting a telephone inquiry into an in-office consultation, marketing that clearly articulates your message and raises awareness of your services, along with pricing packages that bring the right… Read More

  • Minnesota Tattoo Removal Clinic Doing Good Work(s) with Their Q-Plus C

    Business continues to flourish in the laser tattoo removal industry, and one doesn’t need to be in a big city to capitalize. This Duluth, Minnesota, clinic is growing rapidly—and doing philanthropic work with their laser.   View Article