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A major reason formerly incarcerated individuals reoffend is unemployment.

By eliminating as many barriers to employment as possible, you can help to reduce recidivism. Many facilities are doing this by providing vocational training, job readiness programs, and other evidence-based practices. But what about tattoo removal?

Studies show that visible, antisocial or gang-related tattoos adversely impact a qualified candidate’s chances of finding gainful employment. These tattoos are often accompanied by a level of regret and a strong desire to remove them.

For many reasons, facilities are acquiring tattoo removal equipment. From increasing the success of reentry, to saving money, to giving individuals a fresh start, the benefits of offering tattoo removal within your facility are astounding.

Quanta Aesthetic Lasers has long been a leader in the tattoo removal and aesthetics industries. The ability of laser tattoo removal to change lives is such a priority project for the company, that we have recently introduced QuantaCares. QuantaCares was designed to help those who desperately need a second chance, offering help in the form of education, awareness, and exclusive pricing on tattoo removal lasers.


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