Tuesday at the Castella

Some people are city people.  They thrive in the shadow of skyscrapers and feed off the constant hum of energy from the city.  I am not one of those people.  We built Quanta Aesthetic Lasers in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  Our quiet Golden, Colorado, office park is home to an abundance of rabbits and the occasional squirrel.  There are expansive views up to the Flatirons from the picnic tables outside our door, and we like it that way.

It’s no wonder we felt right at home in the headquarters of General Project, nestled in the Chianti hills outside of Florence.  The executive offices and production facility are surrounded by ancient Etruscan castles—including our sublime lunch spot at Castella Sonnino, with fresh olive oil from trees on the castle’s property and a bit of local wine to accompany the meats, cheeses and pasta generously served on hand-painted platters.

This hour or so taken for lunch on a Tuesday may seem indulgent to the drive-thru-stuff-it-in-and-get-back-to-work Americans, but we saw the appeal immediately and settled in to the green ladder back chairs at the farmhouse table without regret.  Paul Morganti, our favorite Scottish-Italian friend/ R&D and Service guru for General Project, said he couldn’t imagine eating in his car.  It’s uncivilized to his European mind.

The same care taken with lunch is taken in all aspects of the aesthetic systems they design, develop and hand-make at General Project.  The QuantaShapeTM, Quanta Aesthetic Lasers’ newest device, is a sleek ultrasound machine that we are excited to have join our extensive product portfolio—especially if it gives us more excuses for lunches at the Castella.