Top Questions to Ask When Buying a Laser

One of the most important decisions you will make in the business of aesthetics is which device(s) to buy and build your practice around. There are a myriad of factors to consider and questions to answer to help choose the most profitable device for your clinic.

Quanta Aesthetic Lasers offers a consultative approach to sales and is always happy to take the time to discuss all of your options.  Here are a few of the questions we can help you answer:


What treatments would you like to offer?

If you want to offer hair removal treatments–the number one non-surgical aesthetic treatment with over 1 million procedures performed each year–you want to purchase a device that offers high-speed hair removal. Some of these devices will also perform vascular or skin treatments well, others will just be a hair removal workhorse.

If you want to offer tattoo removal treatments, the ideal device would remove all treatable ink colors and work on all skin types. It would also offer both picosecond and nanosecond Q-switched pulses, although a device with only traditional Q-switched technology can be a good choice for a more budget-conscious clinic.

Other devices like Intense Pulse Light (IPL) are not lasers, but are popular in med spas that wants to offer a variety of anti-aging skin treatments. Newer IPL devices often have lasers in the same unit to expand treatment offerings.


What is the population in your area? Who will you be treating?

Basic laser physics dictates which wavelengths and energy sources work best on different skin types, measured on the Fitzpatrick scale from the lightest skin at Type I to the darkest at Type VI. Every laser does not treat every skin type, but some do.


What monthly payment can you afford?

Quality aesthetic devices are more expensive than many new practitioners sometimes expect. Instead of thinking about the total cost of your device, look at the monthly lease payment and compare it against what you can expect to make each month off of treatments.


Who is your competition and what devices do they have?

Perform a Google, Bing or Yelp search and see who your closest competition is. What treatments do they offer and what device are they using? If you want to offer tattoo removal and few are doing it in your town, you can decide which laser to buy. If there is more competition, but they are using outdated or other devices than the one you want, there is still a niche for you to succeed and you could market your business on having the best laser in your area.

Also, customers of Quanta Aesthetic Lasers are often featured in our blog and social media pages. If we don’t have another customer in your area, we can even issue a press release saying that you are bringing the latest Quanta device to your town.

Should you buy a brand-new laser or a refurbished one?

This question is usually asked due to a large cost difference between a brand-new laser and one that has been used and refurbished. Manufacturers often do not sell parts or service lasers that are not bought directly from them, so one of the major risks of buying a used device is service after the sale when issues arise. New lasers come with a warranty, service, training, marketing support and many other benefits that a used laser purchase may not include.  


How is service of the device handled? What is the usual turnaround time for service issues?

If your laser isn’t working properly, it isn’t making you money. Ideally, a service tech would be available quickly by phone, as many issues can be handled easily over the phone.  If a service appointment is required, you want a team that could be to you within 24-48 hours to get your laser back in service and performing treatments.


What training is included with your purchase?

  • Where does it take place?
  • Who performs the training?
  • How many team members can be trained?
  • Is additional training available and what is the cost?


What marketing materials and support are offered?

Marketing your device is more difficult in the beginning, as you have no before-and-after pictures of your own and little experience with the device. Ask the manufacturer for their best before-and-after pictures, high-resolution photos of the device itself, and any other assets that can help you sell the treatments you will be offering. Additionally, ask if the manufacturer will feature you on their blog, in a press release or on their social media pages.


Does the device use a 110-volt or 220-volt electrical outlet?

It may seem like a silly question in light of the weightier ones discussed, but training and installation could be significantly delayed if this detail isn’t taken care of. If the system uses 110-volt like many IPLs do, you would have ample outlets in most clinics to plug in the device. If your new laser uses a 220-volt outlet and is going in a room that hasn’t had a laser in it previously, you want to schedule an electrician to come to your clinic and convert one of your outlets to 220-volt or add an additional outlet to power the laser.

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of the questions to consider when making such an important purchase, but it is a good guide to get you started. Quanta Aesthetic Lasers has a team of dedicated, highly-trained sales professionals that can help guide you through all phases of your laser purchase.