The Importance of Place

Place can be as simple as where you are sitting to read this post, or a more esoteric concept like your place in the world.  At Quanta Aesthetic Lasers, we look at the idea of place in many ways.

Our place in the industry

Quanta Aesthetic Lasers was created to fill the void in the laser and IPL marketplace for those practitioners and investors looking for a truly consultative sales approach from a company that values business integrity and superior technology above all.  We do things differently at Quanta, always asking “why” before we simply imitate how other laser manufacturers and distributors do business.

Our place in Colorado

Golden, Colorado, is a western suburb of Denver, nestled right against the foothills that our team love to bike, hike and climb.  We are honored to be hosting the 2014 American Academy of Dermatology meeting in Denver.  Professionals in skin science from all over the world will wake up to the panorama of the Rocky Mountains that we do business in the shadows of every day.

This video from the AAD web site highlights the beauty of our fair city:

Our place in Italy

Italy.  Simply saying the name of that exceptional place evokes a picture in the mind of all who hear it. We could wax poetic for hours about our obsession with all things Italian.  The food, art, people, geography, history, culture–and, for us, the lasers.  Our partners at Quanta System in Milan handcraft each device using the best of Italian engineering and workmanship, and we proudly bring those devices to your practice in North America .

Your place

Enough about us, let’s talk about you.  What is your place in the thriving aesthetic industry?  Where would you like to find yourself a year from now?  Five years?  Call Quanta at 866-353-5115, and we will help you get there.