The Baptistery and Cathedral of Florence Restored with a Quanta Laser


After many years of hard work, pursued with tenacity and competence by the Opificio of Pietre Dure, the National Research Council, the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore, and Consorzio San Zanobi, with the support of Unicoop, has shown the Holy Father a new Florence, during his visit, through a global very precise restoration intervention based on laser technology of the latest generation of the El.En Group.  An experienced team of art researchers, restorers and scholars of art brought to their former glory some of the most famous monuments in Florence, universal artistic heritage, thanks to the most precise laser technology made in Italy.
The recipients of this important restoration were the sculptures of the Cathedral, the Heaven’s Gate and North Gate, treasures of the Florentine Renaissance realized in the first half of the 15th century by Lorenzo Ghiberti, the bronze statues of the Baptistery, the Almond Door, which bears the signature of several sculptors, including Donatello, and Baptistery’s decorated marble parts.
The first to admire the restoration results as a whole was Pope Francis, who in the past few days, on the occasion of his pastoral visit to the city, saw with his own eyes full of admiration and awe the interventions that have brought to its original beauty the statues and the marble, bronze and gold surfaces.
Those responsible for the various restoration activities were the Opificio of Pietre Dure, the National Research Council and the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore, using the Neodymium:YAG, Q-switched lasers of El.En Group. The conclusion of the restoration of the Baptistery’s exterior, performed by the Consorzio San Zanobi and the opening of the new and beautiful set up of the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, coincided with the Holy Father’s historic visit in Florence, which has significantly incremented the participation of the city to the event.
“During the twenty-year collaboration with the scientific and restoration elite in Florence and in Italy, the El.En. (Listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange – ELN.MI) considered one of the most important centers of laser production in the world – says Professor Leonardo Masotti, at the top of the Scientific Committee of El.En. – specifically in the segment of conservative restoration has developed many laser systems to meet the several needs of restoration of stone, marble or gilded bronzes. The constant efforts of El.En. Group through Light for Art division and Quanta System, controlled by El.En., to support conservators with innovative solutions respecting the works of art, are now available to all Florentines and to the entire world.
This achievement, result of the cooperation among conservation bodies, scientific researchers, restorers and Italian industry (Calenzano in the case of El.En. and Solbiate Olona, in the case of Quanta System), confirms the leading role of Italy in technological innovation applied to preservation of our cultural heritage.”
“We are proud as Group, to have contributed to offer every single possible innovative solution to support this important restoration,” says Paolo Salvadeo, CEO of Quanta System, “it allowed us to stay faithful to our mission, which is, to contribute to the preservation of the world heritage. We were even prouder to know that the Holy Father would have been the first one to see the results during his historical visit to the city. It is amazing to think that we contributed to project into the future that fundamental message of beauty created during the centuries by the great masters of Italian art.”
The restoration carried out in Florence was made possible thanks to Italian technology, developed by a staff of engineers and technicians after years of studies and trials, confirming the great value of research and design of rigorously advanced technologies made in Italy.
The type of lasers used allows a selective intervention and creates no damage to the surfaces, respecting the valuable patinas and original texture. The light beam of the laser acts precisely and selectively, restoring and cleaning the works of art from the signs of time. The laser is a technology progress of great importance, with zero environmental impact, which allows a more accurate restoration.
The restoration project implemented in Florence comes after another great achievement, that is, last summer at the Vatican Museums, a project began that brings back to their former glory 500 statues, busts and sculptures of the Vatican Gardens, through two types of lasers: the so called “demolition laser”, used for a long time to break kidney stones and now used to restore sculptures of cement, marble and for works made by metals such as gold and bronze, and a laser of reduced weight and size compared to the models frequently used, more easily transportable , which grants a cleaning effect on the surface, “vaporizing” the substrate or the black crust deposited.


El.En. is a leader in the high-tech industrial group, operating in the opto-electronics, which produces its own technology and multidisciplinary know-how laser sources (gas, semiconductor, solid-state and liquid) and innovative laser systems for medical and industrial application. The El.En. Group is the Italian leader in the laser market and among the top operators in Europe, designs, manufactures and sales worldwide:
– Medical laser equipments used in dermatology, surgery, cosmetics, physiotherapy, dentistry and gynecology .
– Laser industrial systems for applications ranging from cutting, marking and welding metals, wood, plastic, glass to decorating leather and textiles and restoration of works of art.
– Laser systems for scientific applications and research.

EL.EN is listed on the STAR segment (MTA) of the Italian Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of around 215 million euros.
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Quanta System is an Italian company founded in 1985 based in Solbiate Olona (VA), from 2004 belonging to the international group El.En, and a world leader in the production of lasers for three scientific fields: aesthetic medicine, surgery and art. Three divisions united by one principle: to improve the quality of life of patients and taking care of people. Founded as a spin-off of one of the largest research centers in the field of lasers and optics worldwide, Quanta System has taken the first steps in high energy physics, plasma physics, spectroscopy and light-matter interaction. The first lasers for the restoration of works of art were developed in 1994, and since 1997 Quanta began the activities in the field of medical lasers for dermatology and aesthetic medicine. In 2008 the company developed its first surgical lasers, which have today significant market share internationally. Trusted partner of healthcare facilities, doctors, institutions and organizations engaged in scientific projects, the activities of Quanta System are also aimed at European and international research programs, in collaboration with prestigious universities and research centers around the world.