Skin of Color and Laser Treatment Success

To achieve the best results in laser treatments for both patient and practitioner, selecting the right modality and wavelength is key. In a recent article for Dermatology Times, Dr. Eliot Battle spoke about “Debunking the myths of laser treatments for darker skin.”  As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Battle has a long history of using lasers at the Cultura Dermatology and Laser Center in Washington, D.C. and knows what works best for all skin types. More specifically, he has long been considered an authority on the best lasers for treating darker skin.

Quanta Aesthetic Lasers has a number of devices that are approved for use on skin types IV-VI. In fact, one of the first questions we ask potential buyers is what the patient population is in their area. We want to provide a device that will carefully and successfully treat the patients they will be seeing. Side effects like hyper- or hypo- pigmentation, burning and scars are all potential concerns when treating with laser energy, especially in those with darker skin. As Dr. Battle says in the article, “we are seeing a disproportional number of side effects within that group.”

With 35% of the American population having Skin of Color, you may need the right equipment and treatment protocols to safely treat darker skin types. Dr. Battle mentions his preference for Nd:YAG devices from Quanta (among others) and the article also mentions the brand-new Discovery PICO Plus for treatment of pigmented lesions. Call us at 866-694-1064 to learn more about choosing the right laser to treat all the potential clients in your area.