Selecting a Location for Your Med Spa

Positioning your medical spa in the community is all about location, location, location.  If you are integrating aesthetic procedures into your current medical practice, you will have a captive audience of patients to cross-sell aesthetic procedures right there in your office. However, if you plan to build a stand-alone medical spa, I recommend a more retail location.  By this, I mean leasing between 1500-2000 square feet of space in a strip mall or business zoned space.  Consider the following criteria in a location: 

  • Good drive-by traffic
  • Ample parking
  • Prominent signage
  • Co-marketing opportunities with neighboring businesses (ex: hair salons, yoga studios, tanning salons, upscale grocers, dance studios) 

These locations are much more visible to women and men passing everyday and reduce external marketing costs.




Additional thoughts from Quanta:

The location you choose for your medical spa can have a great effect on both your business success and your personal life.  It is important to find a location where potential customers are that isn’t already saturated with competition.  


You can start by going to Google Maps and entering the address of an area you are considering and search for medical spas in the vicinity.  You can also perform a Google or Bing search using the city or suburb you want to operate in and the services you will perform.  This basic research will help not only with location selection, but provides good intelligence on your potential competition and how they are marketing themselves.  You may come across a non-competing business that is similar to yours, but doesn’t actually compete.  I formerly owned a med spa that did not offer massage services, so we formed a relationship with a massage spa that had a similar look and feel to our med spa.  They were just a mile away from our business, so we referred clients who wanted massage to them, and they sent their clients who wanted laser hair removal to us.

Possibly as important as choosing a location with limited competition and in an area where potential clients are located, is choosing a location that is relatively close to your home.  You will need to be at your spa often, especially in the early phases, and may not enjoy multiple hours in the car to get there.  Also, you want to invite neighbors and your circles of friends and acquaintances to frequent your spa.  If your location is too far from your network, your friends may never make it to your spa after the grand opening party.


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