QuantaShape–yes, please!

Apparently, I am the ideal candidate for a QuantaShapeTM treatment.  Not because I am the Director of Marketing for the company that was courted to distribute the device, but because I am a 43-year-old occasional triathlete who is at a good weight, but has a few areas that aren’t as toned as I’d like.

QuantaShape is approved to “temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.”  That kind of FDA-talk isn’t so sexy, but the before and after photos that I have seen over the last few months of designing marketing materials for the device have me first in line for a QuantaShape treatment.

Patients and practitioners that used the device in it’s previous lives as both the VASERshapeTM and MC1, compare the heating of adipose cells done by the ultrasound hand piece, and the lymphatic drainage and massage that follows as “similar to a hot stone massage.”  I love a good hot stone massage, and I’d love to be the next great QuantaShape “after” picture.

If you’d like to offer QuantaShape to your patients, call our Sales Experts at 866-353-5115 today and they can tell you more about the newest addition to the Quanta Aesthetic Lasers’ portfolio.