Quanta + Quanta = Strength in Aesthetics

Guest Blog from Alessandra Barbanti, Corporate Communications Manager at Quanta System, SpA in Milan, Italy:

After a year of intense work in Quanta System, I wanted to spend time with my American colleagues and friends to share our knowledge and our experiences.  I know for sure that working together is the best way to achieve important goals.

For those unaware, Quanta System is an Italian company. We are an important player in the global market of laser technology that specializes in three areas of science: Aesthetic Medicine, Surgery and Art Restoration. These divisions are united by common principles: improving the quality of life for patients, and giving doctors the excellence of Made in Italy laser technology.

Here in the U.S. last Friday, August 1,  we celebrated!  I had the fortune to be here while an agreement was signed that officially seals the alliance between Quanta System (Italy) and Quanta Aesthetic Lasers (USA), and makes us stronger in the world of aesthetic medicine.

All of this will lead to a huge change in the field of aesthetics that has already started.   As we restore with our lasers, the most important works of art in the world, so we give to our physicians the best laser to care for their patients, their “works of art”.

Quanta System and Quanta Aesthetic Lasers are taking care of people, our masterpieces.