Quanta Q-Plus C is the Right Choice

The Quanta Q-Plus C is arguably the most loved product in the Quanta portfolio.  We receive emails weekly from clients, sales representatives, and even patients, who are thrilled with the results the Q-Plus C offers for tattoo removal.

Shelley Novello, president of Ink-B-Gone Tattoo Removal Center, previously used other tattoo removal devices.  Here are some of her comments since she began exclusively using the Q-Plus C:

  • “There is no comparison to what your new laser can do.”
  • “I have tested many different lasers over the years in search of the perfect answer to remove those greens and blues.  Over half of the tattoos that walk thru my door have colors other than the easy black and red.  I’m proud of the business I’ve built over the past 7+ years with over 40,000 treatments on over 10,000 clients.  One of the reasons for the client loyalty is my honesty and integrity.  It is very difficult to sit down with a client at their initial consult and try to explain that their blues/greens/purples will still be there once the black components are completely gone.”
  • “I used a Medlite C6 for 7 years and just recently purchased the Q-Plus C.  Oh my goodness…..I wish I would have converted to Quanta sooner!  The results are very good on the ‘easy’ black and red…and finally we’ve got a great laser that can conquer blue-based inks.  I’ve got a client base of over 10,000…and at least 2500 of them have little spots of blue/green/purple that we haven’t been able to completely clear.  But now just a few extra treatments can clear very close to 100% of ALL ink!”
  •  “I’d spent 6+ months testing the newest Quanta Q-Plus C before pulling the trigger and purchasing it.  I was NOT a believer of the new ‘miracle’ Ruby crystal…and I was not willing to put my hard-earned reputation on the line for some fancy new laser.  But I’ve got to tell you that I am so happy I transitioned into the Quanta product.  I didn’t use my C6 as a trade-in down payment…simply because I was fearful of not having that old reliable tool in my spare room.  However….after using the Quanta daily for a little over a week (120+ treatments), I sold my C6 and have never looked back.”

Call our Laser Consultants at 866-353-5115 to learn more about what the Quanta Q-Plus C can add to your practice.  Many financing options available.