Quanta Aesthetic Lasers’ MDK III is the Right Device for Dr. Shahin Javeheri

As a former medical spa owner, I know the challenge of choosing the right laser device for a practice.  Hair removal is king, so you want a laser that performs that service very well—because happy patients come back, and they recommend your business to their friends.

Laser tattoo removal is hot now, so how about a device for that?  What about other skin treatments?  How many lasers do you have to buy, and how much will that cost in both dollars and the space they take up in your treatment rooms?  Is there really a single device that can do multiple treatments well, and do it with true lasers–not just hand pieces?

One California doctor looked at all his options early this year, and chose the Quanta Aesthetic Lasers MDK III platform device to expand his treatment offerings.  San Francisco Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Shahin Javeheri, M.D., has a thriving plastic surgery practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After researching the plethora of devices on the market, Dr. Javeheri selected the Quanta MDK III Multi-Application Platform, and took the time to share why he chose this particular aesthetic laser.

Q:  There are so many aesthetic devices available now.  How did you decide on the Quanta?

Dr. Javeheri:  It was the perfect fit for my practice.  I wanted to avoid the general pitfall of most practitioners of purchasing multiple lasers which end up as ornaments.  I was looking for a powerful laser capable of meeting the multiple skin problems that I see in my practice.  Following careful research, Quanta’s MDK fit our model.  It was an established company with a goal of providing exceptional quality equipment and a stellar reputation for it’s commitment of service and management.

Q:  What procedures are you using the laser for?

Dr. Javeheri:  I utilize the MDK to it’s fullest.  Whether it is for:  facial and wrinkle treatments, telangiectasias, tattoo removal or hair removal.

Q:  How has your experience been with Quanta Aesthetic Lasers?

Dr. Javeheri:  I have been using the Quanta MDK since January 31.  So far, I have nothing but praise for this powerful machine!

Q:  Would you recommend this device to a colleague?  Why or why not?

Dr. Javeheri:  I would certainly recommend the Quanta MDK without hesitation.  It truly does it all.  This is first time I have seen that quality in a LASER.  It is easy to use and the patients have been satisfied, which is the final measure of its success.

Looking for a single, high-quality cosmetic laser for hair removal, tattoo removal, and other aesthetic treatments?  For pricing or more information on the MDK, call the laser experts in our Sales Department at 866-353-5115.