Prison and Jail Tattoo Removal Programs Gaining Popularity in the US

“People look at you different. I wouldn’t hire me. I got to get it off, and the sooner I get it off, the better my life will be,” said Charles Greene of his facial tattoo.

Mr. Greene has been in and out of prison before, but wound up behind bars again because of difficulty in finding employment. Unfortunately, formerly incarcerated individuals have an exceptionally hard time finding gainful employment which is one of the most important factors in keeping formerly incarcerated individuals from reoffending.

“I got a lot of my tattoos when I was living my old life, and now that I have a new life, I want a fresh start. I have to remove the things from my old life that are holding me back. These tattoos cause people to look at me differently, and it’s difficult to get a job – it’s hard to get people to give you a chance when you don’t LOOK like you’ve changed,” Charles Greene also shared.


video of inmates getting tattoo removed through community service
Courtesy Of WWBT Richmond, VA


Enter Chuck Powell. As the owner of East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal, Mr. Powell (like many Quanta customers) provides low or no-cost treatments to those who are seeking a fresh start. In exchange for community service, participants in the Richmond City Sheriff’s REAL program just like Charles Green are eligible for tattoo removal.

Richmond City Sheriff C. T. Woody, Jr. explains, “Tattoo removal is just one step in the process for many of our program participants. Many got the tattoos when they were living a life of crime and drugs or running with gangs – echoes of that old life can still hinder their success and rehabilitation even when they’ve left the jail. Partnering with Chuck and East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal is something that will be hugely beneficial to the individual and the community at large; when the individual is able to obtain work because they no longer have widely visible tattoos, and the community no longer feels their burden, we have then come to a place of mutual benefit that is good for everyone.”

The primary focus is removing tattoos that are visible in business attire, also referred to as  “collarbone-up, cufflinks-down.” A study cited by said visible tattoos are the second most common reason cited by managers on whether or not they will hire a qualified applicant.

Quanta Aesthetic Lasers is proud to partner with Chuck Powell in working to remove these restrictive tattoos. As part of the QuantaCares initiative, the company works with practitioners, facilities, state Departments of Corrections, the Federal Bureau of Prisons and nonprofit organizations to implement tattoo removal as a part of the continuum of care for soon to be released individuals.

“Good data suggests that tattoo removal can indeed influence the reduction of recidivism,” said Nick Bergman, Director of QuantaCares, “by keeping formerly incarcerated individuals out of custody and giving them the best opportunity to succeed, it alleviates the taxpayer and makes a difference in the lives of those who desperately need a second chance.”



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