We Owe It All to the Q-Plus C

Seven years ago today, these two businessmen met at Quanta System headquarters in Milan to sign the agreement to bring Quanta Aesthetic Lasers to North America. Over the first few years, we built our boutique laser business almost completely on sales of the Quanta Q-Plus C. This handcrafted, Italian-engineered device had every reason to be the darling of the booming tattoo removal industry, but had not had the right company selling it in the States to build the name recognition and market share it deserved.

In 2016, our favorite laser got upgraded in every way with the launch of the EVO Q-Plus C—the evolution of the Q-Plus C. During a photo shoot this week for a new EVO Q-Plus C brochure, we were struck by how important this device has been to the success of our company. When you launch a new business—especially one as ambitious as selling high-end medical devices—you need a hook, a differentiator. The Q-Plus C was definitely ours.

EVO Q-Plus C photo shoot at HQ
EVO Q-Plus C under the lights

In the early years, we often started sales conversations by answering the question, “Who is Quanta?” Anyone who has tried to build a brand knows the grind it takes to get name recognition. The Q-Plus C gave us the platform on which to build our brand and answer the question of who we are. None of our competitors had a device like it. With three true laser wavelengths in one machine and the ability to erase all treatable ink colors, it earned us a place in conversations with doctors and clinicians who otherwise may not have considered working with an unknown company.

Fast forward to Tuesday this week when our creative agency was in-house for the photo shoot and we got a little nostalgic thinking of how far we’ve come in the last seven years and remembering the device got us here.

Extra goodness and thanks to customers like Victor Beyer of Rethink the Ink, Ben Alway of Second Skin Tattoo Removal, Shelley Novello of Ink-B-Gone, and Dr. Thomas Barrows and Aleks Nedich of Fade Away. These laser tattoo removal experts were some of our first Q-Plus C buyers and have supplied us some of our best before and after photos for years.