What makes us take a chance, try something new, risk capital and deprive ourselves of sleep and sustenance?  It’s the promise that opportunity offers.  This entrepreneurial spirit and embracing of calculated chance is what Quanta Aesthetic Lasers was founded on almost four years ago.  Would you like to join our tribe of audacious dreamers on the path of opportunity?

According to the 2013 Plastic Surgery Statistics report, a comprehensive report of procedures performed by plastic surgeons and other Board-certified specialists, IPL treatments increased 9% to over 600,000 from 2012 to 2013.  Hair removal treatments were down 4% from 2012, but still had a volume of over 1 million treatments— allowing the procedure to remain as the #1 laser service performed in aesthetics.  Other treatments listed in the report include over half a million laser skin resurfacing treatments and more than 200,000 leg veins treated with lasers.

Aesthetic industry veteran and a founder of Quanta Aesthetic Lasers, Michael Sparks, says that other procedures in high demand with huge growth are non-invasive body shaping and tattoo removal.  “Tattoo removal with devices like the Quanta Q Plus C are up over 40% in the last year alone,” said Sparks.

Great opportunity exists in the current aesthetic market, and our Sales Professionals are experts at helping you find your path.  Call us at 866-353-5115 to learn more about our matching our technologies with your ambitions.