Mission: Armenia with Dr. R. Rox Anderson


TRANSFORMING AESTHETICS isn’t just the corporate slogan of Quanta Aesthetic Lasers, it is a promise. Laser technology has the opportunity to transform lives when it gets into the right hands and is used on those who need it most. Unfortunately, a disparity often exists where those most in need of innovative health technologies have the least access to treatment. In October of this year, leadership from Quanta Aesthetic Lasers (United States) and Quanta System (Italy) along with American doctors including R. Rox Anderson, MD, who has been long-considered the father of photomedicine, traveled to Yerevan, Armenia, on a humanitarian mission to donate a Quanta laser to the Arabkir Pediatric Hospital.

A Tragedy in Armenia

The need for this donation came from an incident in May of 2012. During a political rally in the capital city of Armenia, more than 140 people were hurt when clusters of balloons exploded in the crowd. The balloons had been filled with hydrogen, not the inflammable gas helium, and when a cigarette was lit, it caused the balloons to explode and rain down fiery rubber debris on many who were gathered in the square for the rally. A number of the victims were children who suffered horrific burns that created scars which limited mobility and caused ongoing pain. When Quanta learned that many who were affected by the explosion had no access to the laser technology that could help these children, technology that wealthier countries take for granted, the mission was clear.

In the past, some other laser companies had simply sent a laser to Yerevan and trained no one on how to use it, or brought a laser into Armenia, treated burn victims, and then took the laser when they left the country.  Quanta knew neither of those options were enough. In October, leadership teams from both Quanta organizations, along with Dr. Anderson and other physicians—including Dr. Lilit Garibyan, who was born in Armenia and lived there until she was 12—accompanied the donated YouLaser MT to the Arabkir Pediatric Hospital to train the physicians and staff on the device. That commitment to both philanthropy and education will allow a specialized laser clinic to be built around the donation and continue to serve patients long after the Quanta team has departed.


Transforming Lives by Transforming Aesthetics

‘’With this mission, we are again at the forefront in providing help to needy populations in the world. After other humanitarian missions launched by our company, for instance in Nicaragua, Bolivia and Paraguay, it is the time for Armenia, a very warm and inviting country. We are all excited and touched from the gratitude demonstrated by both local practitioners and the extremely young patients, in particular by the children treated here in Yerevan for severe burn scars.’’

-Luca Cerri, Quanta System

Quanta Aesthetic Lasers is committed to changing the profit-at-all-costs landscape of the aesthetic industry, and projects like this one that will continue to serve the children of Armenia are one step on our path of TRANSFORMING AESTHETICS.

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