Lizabeth Glynn Shares her Successful Career Pivot Into Lasers

Lizabeth Glynn has been a licensed hairstylist for 35 years, and spent most of that time using her talents on friends and family as she raised her children.  As the years passed, she was looking for ways to get her own skin to look smoother and even out her complexion. Her dermatologist recommended a deep resurfacing treatment, but she was not ready to commit to something that aggressive and started researching other technologies.  She tried Pixel, an IPL, an erbium laser, and Isolaze treatments. After all that research, she decided to attend laser training school herself!

Lizabeth spoke with her good friend and neighbor who owned the successful New Leaf Salon and Spa in Northborough, Massachusetts.  The two decided that adding laser services to the salon’s offerings would be a win for all.  With her certifications and location set, Lizabeth hopped on an airplane to visit the Quanta Laser Labs in Golden, Colorado.  The Laser Labs offer a comfortable showroom–with great Rocky Mountain views–where all the devices in Quanta’s portfolio are available to test and compare.  Lizabeth ultimately chose the Quanta MDK with the optional IPL addition, a device that combines Q-switched, long and short pulse lasers to offer laser tattoo removal, hair removal, and many popular skin treatments.

“My decision to go with Quanta has been the right one from the beginning. Thankfully for me Chuck (her Quanta Sales Director) was able to guide me through the process,” she said.  Just 8 months after her initial success with the MDK, Lizabeth was back in touch to buy two additional Quanta devices to expand her business and offerings. Quanta Aesthetic Lasers was founded by entrepreneurs, and stories like hers bring a special joy to all of us on the mission to TRANSFORM AESTHETICS.


Just 8 months after her initial success with the MDK, Lizabeth was back in touch to buy two additional Quanta devices to expand her business and offerings.



Lizabeth kindly took the time to answer a few questions about her experience with Quanta:


Q: Which Quanta aesthetic devices do you have at your clinic?
A: We have the MDK with IPL, the Quanta Forte and Quanta Bella.


Q: There are so many aesthetic devices available now. How did you decide on the Quanta? ·
A: My career in lasers began with the Quanta MDK with IPL.  Within 8 months, we added the Quanta Forte Diode and the Quanta Bella to our spa because we loved the first laser so much. Our decision to purchase the Quanta over all other devices on the market was for the ease-of-use and the ability to perform a variety of treatments.


Q: What treatments are you performing?
A: The Quanta devices we have offer an enormous variety of treatments including: Tattoo removal, lifting sun spots, treating the difficult conditions of Rosacea, redness, broken capillaries, spider veins, and other skin treatments. Our laser hair removal business has taken off since adding the Quanta Forte! And, of course, skin tightening, fine lines and wrinkles with the Quanta Bella. Radio Frequency is amazing, and the results are literally uplifting!


Q: How has your experience been working with Quanta?
A: Our salesman, Chuck Chapman, is exceptional. He made the process easy and positive. Chuck asked all the right questions from the beginning and was able to guide us to the right laser device, the MDK with IPL. And, eight months later he was again there for us with the guidance to purchase the Quanta Forte and the Quanta Bella.


Q: Would you recommend this device to  a colleague? Why or why not?
A: Yes, I would absolutely recommend Quanta for anyone’s clinic. What practice wouldn’t want the latest and greatest devices in their practice? The devices perform beautifully, are easy to use, and best of all the end results are outstanding!