Ink Out Program has helped erase the past for over 120 youth in Southern Oregon


Ink Out tattoo removal program is heading into the three-year mark and has been embraced by ex-gang members and victims of domestic violence who cannot afford laser treatments.


The program provides many people with a new perspective on life – by removing the tattoo it takes away the need to hide and provides a path for life improvement and careers aspirations.

Brent Kell, CEO of Valley Immediate Care


The Ink Out program was started by Valley Immediate Care to meet a neglected need in our community: the often negative stigma of tattoos that anchor an individual to their past which can be fraught with violence and tragedy. Brent Kell, CEO of Valley Immediate Care stated “We started this program over 2-years ago with Jay Tapp and we hoped that it would provide a way for people to be free from many of the negatives that come from visible tattoos. This hope became a reality because the program provides many people with a new perspective on life – by removing the tattoo it takes away the need to hide and provides a path for life improvement and careers aspirations.”

In a recent article in The Medford Mail Tribune, Mr. Kell and Mr. Tapp are helping kids remove their tattoos to give them a second chance.

Since its inception, Ink Out has provided dozens of candidates a chance to receive free or near free laser tattoo removal service. The program reaches youth and young adults that have demonstrated a desire to make a life change and know that removing a tattoo will give them an advantage that they have not been able to attain. “We work with a number of organizations and government agencies in our area and in other Oregon regions as well. There is a significant need to provide this service and not enough organizations that consistently provide it.” Commented, Jay Tapp, Director Business Relationships.

One of the key agencies is Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) – This State agency is charged with the direction and rehabilitation of youth that have run into trouble. “The Ink Out program has been working with OYA from the start in providing tattoo removal service” stated Sarah Johnson, Field Director “it’s been a program that we can rely on and it provides an invaluable service to youth who desire change” she added. Ellis Frazier has been working with kids in the Grants Pass facility for many years and has seen the Ink Out program make a real difference. “It’s fantastic that Valley Immediate Care has voluntarily decided to make this otherwise costly treatment available. They saw a need in our community and provide a solution”. He added, “these are kids that want to change and they need to earn the right to get tattoo removal with good behavior”.

Valley Immediate Care decided that they needed to enhance the program with the addition of a new laser that would remove more tattoo ink colors. In their search, they reached out to us. When we heard about the Ink Out program and the impact that it has made we felt it would be a great fit for our QuantaCares program.


This is exactly the type of program we are longing to see replicated across the country, and we’re prepared to help. When companies like Valley Immediate Care step up, we feel honored to assist in any way that we can.

Nick Bergman, Director of QuantaCares


“Thanks to Quanta we can service all the Ink Out candidates and that means a lot to us as an organization. We do this because it’s the right thing to do and it energizes our employee base as well. They know we have a laser aesthetics program and they know that the profit from that helps provide these services to those in need – it’s a win-win”. Stated Kell.




Having the world’s most advanced laser technology does more than give us the power to
positively impact your bottom line—it gives us the power to positively impact the lives of those
who may otherwise not have access to laser treatments. QuantaCares is our philanthropic
initiative, and through it, we’ve provided equipment, training and other support to those who
use their lasers for good. We donated a laser to a hospital in Armenia to provide treatments
for burn victims. We work with clinicians to erase the stigma of tattoos from former prisoners,
gang members and victims of human trafficking. TRANSFORMING AESTHETICS isn’t just the
corporate slogan of Quanta, it is our promise.