Grow Your Plastic Surgery Clinic With the Benefits of Cosmetic Laser Treatments

The competition in the field of plastic surgery is fierce but you already know that. What has you scratching your head is thinking of what you can do to differentiate yourself from the competition. The questions you are asking revolve around making your business stronger, improving your company’s financial stability and being more competitive.

There is something your practice can do that will afford you those advantages and much more…


Laser Treatments

Choosing to offer laser treatments within your already thriving plastic surgery practice will pay dividends beyond just dollar and cents. The ease of adding these procedures to your practice are most likely easier than you can imagine. Many practices are already ideally equipped simply due to the nature of the procedures and the medical environment they operate in.

This will open an entirely new menu of services and will also translate into more customers. Cosmetic laser treatments are cash-based which will also open up a more liquid revenue stream in addition to more options for your customers. It is worth noting, that while most laser treatments are cash-based there are some procedures (i.e. burn treatments, breast reconstruction, etc.) that will qualify for insurance reimbursement.

All of this adds up to more people coming through the doors of your business…

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Attract New Customers

Offering more services means availing yourself to an entirely new sector and customer base as well as offering more services to your existing customer base. Laser technologies are continuing to evolve and are being used for the treatment of a diverse array of issues. That, of course, equates to being able to serve more customers which results in company growth, increased revenue and a stronger business.

Hair Removal

While hair removal isn’t a new cosmetic or clinical practice, laser technology is the preferred method for this procedure. Over 1,000,000 laser hair removal treatments were performed in the United States last year alone! 92% of the patients who tried it report that they are satisfied with the results.


Anti-Aging Treatments

Treatment of benign pigmented lesions, mild to moderate facial wrinkles, skin tightening and fractional laser skin resurfacing can all provide a consistent client base and provide a high return on investment.


Pigmentation Treatments

Laser treatments have shown to be an effective treatment in a variety of situations involving pigmentation treatment. Think about attracting more millennials and a younger generation of clientele with these options. Your non-surgical technicians can also use their time to perform more of these treatments while outside of surgery.

These are only a few of the many options available by adding laser treatments to your practice.

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Build a Return Customer Base

In addition to a considerable upselling side of adding laser treatments, customers for these types of procedure will often be repeat customers as many of these procedures require multiple sessions. Such procedures like skin rejuvenation, enhancement procedures or wrinkle reduction are all potential upsell candidates. The majority of these procedures will also require return visits for maintenance and other treatment reasons.

In the end, you will have built a new avenue of customers that frequent the street that leads them to your door.


Other Benefits of Laser Treatments

Ever notice downtime for your technicians during slow periods or during a double cancellation? Chances are you will already have the majority of the staff you need to add laser treatments to your menu of services, and this is an excellent opportunity for your technicians to broaden their skill set to bring in more revenue for your business.

Having your technicians trained and qualified for skin treatments, in addition to their normal plastic surgery responsibilities, means more efficient use of your staff. Smart personnel management like that shows up in the profit and loss columns.

Meanwhile, owners can continue to focus on and do the plastic surgery treatments they are best at and can even delegate procedures in the treatment rooms while in surgery.

A Good Fit

You have those extra couple of rooms you’ve never really used. Maybe it is that one open space that just seems to be used for miscellaneous storage? It won’t require much space to create your laser treatment area and these are services your current clients have likely inquired about.

Make better use of the space in your facility, make better use of your talented staff and open up an entirely new stream of income too. Adding laser treatment services to your plastic surgery practice not only makes good sense – it is also just a good fit.

Every advantage you can gain in business is a good advantage. The advantages of adding laser treatments to your practice will make you more competitive and profitable. Laser technology might be more than a good fit for your business, it could be the perfect fit.