Finding and Hiring a Medical Director for Your Med Spa

Of the many tasks necessary to attend to before opening a medical spa, finding and hiring the right medical director is critical to your long-term success.  Regulations vary by state, so first find out what your state’s requirements are, as it may dictate the kind of physician you need to be compliant.  Your state medical board and the American Medical Spa Association are good resources to begin your research on the laws in your state.  

Once you know the legal requirements, there are also personality traits and social considerations to take into account.  Clients at a medical spa expect a warm experience that differs from other medical environments.  If your state requires the medical director to have a lot of contact with the patient or be the one performing the laser treatments, you want a medical director who can have rapport with clients and make them feel like they are getting a true medical spa experience.

There are many ways to find good candidates for your medical director.  Quanta Aesthetic Lasers has exclusive relationships with a number of organizations that exist specifically to fill this need.  Quanta owners benefit from these proprietary partnerships.  


Other ways to answer the question of “How do I find a medical director for my med spa?” are:

  • Advertise your search on sites like Indeed
  • Find a non-competing spa in your area (one with services that differ from yours, but has a feel that you like) and see if there is a possibility to share their medical director—assuming you are in a state where the medical director doesn’t need to be on-site while services are performed
  • Contact area physicians who do not already have a medical spa as part of their clinic and inquire if they are interested in partnering with you
  • Talk with your skin care reps about other physicians and spas they call on who they would recommend
  • Ask friends and family to introduce you to the physicians they know personally.  They may be interested or may know a good candidate looking to expand into aesthetics


Bottom line:  This is an important task that should be taken seriously by both the physician becoming the medical director and the med spa owner.  Both parties should seek legal counsel to ensure that all necessary insurance and regulatory issues are met in accordance with local laws.  Additionally, consider your medical director a partner in your business, and make sure you choose someone you want as a partner for the long-term success of your business.