Expand Your Dermatology Clinic


How is your dermatology clinic doing?

Are you meeting and exceeding expectations?

Is your practice doing “okay” but it could be doing better and you know it?


Great, there may not be a better time to consider adding laser treatment options to expand your practice. Expanding services, bringing in new clients and getting a great ROI from adding laser treatments could be the answer. Even if your clinic isn’t meeting your expectations, it just might be the significant change your clinic needs to make you more competitive and get your numbers back on track.

The point is, expanding your dermatology clinic is rarely a bad idea and when done right, adding laser treatments will deliver many benefits to your practice.


$10,000 in Monthly Revenue

That grabbed your attention didn’t it? That is actually a real number based on real income data. That 10,000 dollars is one example of eight weekly IPL photofacial patients – eight. The truth is, one of the great financial advantages of laser treatments are that the fees are cash based and higher compared to reimbursable procedures. Greater number of services means more customers, more customers equate to greater revenue and many of those customers will be paying premium charges.The fit is natural, the financial data is impressive and laser treatments work, for your patients and for your business.


Add Revenue by Adding Laser Treatment Services

While the benefits of being able to better serve your customers will pay dividends of their own, the real financial benefits come directly from the treatments themselves. Part of that is literal, as all laser treatments are cash-based. Although this might be a bit of a new curve, especially for customers receiving other treatments, they will adjust.

The evidence of that adjustment can be found everywhere clinics are using laser treatment. In fact, one article from AMSPA (the American Med Spa Association), cited one technician who, “…helped achieve a remarkable 400% growth in revenue. ” Yes, customers will adjust and your business stands to become even more profitable as a result.

Much of the success of adding laser treatments to your dermatology clinic will involve proper implementation…

Successfully adding a new aesthetic device to your existing practice takes careful planning… When you add new equipment, you want to capture all the excitement that comes with the new offering, without losing the revenue you already have from your current equipment.”

Getting the right help to get the best equipment and assistance with everything involved in getting started matters. To get the best benefit and create the most effective laser treatment services you’ll want the expertise to get it done right.

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Expand Your Dermatology Clinic

The health of your patient’s skin is important, it is important to you and important to them. What is also important to your patients is the appearance of their skin, perhaps even more than most. The additional services (not to mention revenue) afforded by laser treatments will make your customers happier and your business better.

Pigmentation Treatments

You already help your clients with acne-related issues, offering a more holistic clinic could mean having more options to treat pigmentations issues. Laser treatments are being used and requested by customers, you can take advantage of this growing market and customer base.

Anti-Aging Treatments

The Boomers already know about how nice it can be to shave years off your look with anti-aging treatments. Well, those Millennials aren’t getting any younger either and neither is anyone else. Be ready to meet the needs of the largest sector of customers by utilizing the effective use of laser treatment to help with anti-aging.

These are only a few of the extra services laser treatment will add to your clinic’s menu. Pigmentation correction and skin tone issues are examples of other effective uses for laser treatment.


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