El. En. Group Donates Laser to Erase Graffiti in Florence

Quanta System’s parent company, the El. En. Group, has once again donated a laser for restoration, but this time it is for work in their own hometown. El. En. is headquartered in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy, home to some of the world’s most spectacular pieces of art.

Major metropolitan areas like Florence are often forced to deal with the mar of graffiti. El. En. knew they had the engineering expertise to develop and produce a laser that would erase the problem, and began their philanthropy close to home.

On October 7, 2017, the new Fiber Blast laser was donated to The Angels of Beauty Foundation, a Florentine non-profit, volunteer organization committed to relaunching the majesty of the Renaissance and combatting the vandalism of graffiti.

The entire press release on the donation can be read here.