Do What You Love

Americans are fond of chasing their passions, but often find themselves settling for less in other areas of life.  Rare—and to be envied—is the person who follows their passion and makes it their vocation.  We think only artists and writers and bike shop owners get the gold ring of finding happiness through their work.

Extend that list of lucky people to include the engineers of Quanta System, SpA.  As I toured the Solbiate Olona, Italy, headquarters yesterday morning, I was struck by the attention paid to each component of the aesthetic devices they are manufacturing.  No less than ten minutes was spent explaining–in loving detail–the new hand piece expected in a product line expansion and upgrade in 2015.

The engineers and artisans putting each device together by hand in the manufacturing rooms are all using their love of technology to create the high-quality devices we sell in the United States and Canada.  The scientific minds in Research and Development are conceiving and actualizing devices not currently in the marketplace, and finding ways to make the beloved Q-Plus C an even better tattoo removal laser.

Doing what you love is a reality for those at Quanta System.  We are proud to be a part of the team of brilliant minds that is Quanta.