Cellulite Doesn’t Go Away with the Bikini

Cellulite Isn’t Just a Summer Bummer

October is here, and the fact that most women have put their bikinis into winter storage doesn’t make them any happier with their cellulite. Colloquially referred to as orange-peel skin, cottage cheese thighs or hail damage, cellulite is completely natural, but everyone who has it seems to want it gone.

Women of all sizes and physical conditions may be plagued with embarrassing cellulite deposits.  Unfortunately, cellulite deposits cannot be wished away. If that were the case, the percentage of American women with cellulite would be zero.

More women than men are afflicted with the unsightly subcutaneous fat deposits that medical professionals know as adiposis edematosa. In an article published in Scientific American, the percentage of American women with cellulite may be as much as 90 whereas American men with visibly dimpled fat number around 10%. Why the disparity? According to a September 5, 2014 article in Medical News Today, the answer is multifaceted and involves hormones, diet, lifestyle and genetic predisposition.

Fall and winter are an excellent time to seek out a QuantaShape treatment or add QuantaShape to your practice.  The proven ultrasound technology, and a treatment that many compare to a hot-stone massage, make for great cold weather option for the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

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