Announcements from Italy

For more than six years, we have had the pleasure of doing business with the Italians at Quanta System near Milan. In that time, they have become much more than business partners, and are more like family. It is with great pleasure that we applaud the promotions of two of our Italian “brothers” that were made public in announcements to the Italian business community this week:

  • Paolo Salvadeo, CEO of Quanta System, has been appointed as General Manager of El. En. in Florence, effective January 1, 2017
  • Girolamo Lionetti has been promoted to General Manager of Quanta System, manufacturer of all of Quanta Aesthetic Lasers’ superior, handcrafted devices

Our heartiest “Congratulations!” to Paolo Salvadeo and Girolamo Lionetti.  We look forward to an even more successful year in 2017 working with you both in your new positions.

The press release on the appointment of Paolo Salvadeo can be read here: