The 8 Questions You Ask Us the Most

The 8 Questions You Ask Us the Most

Quanta Aesthetic Lasers has a unique business model in the medical device industry. We offer both an inside sales team to handle inquiries from those doing their research online and an outside team that follows the more traditional model of field sales representatives who call on doctors and medical spas in a certain geography.

We recently asked the highly-trained laser specialists that make up our inside team to share the most common questions they get asked on phone calls. Find your questions and the answers here:


Q: How much does the laser cost?

A: This is the most common question we get asked and it usually comes from people who have done a lot of research on our website, know which laser they want, and now just need a price. Our devices are handcrafted in Milan and can be customized and configured to meet your needs, so the price varies depending on what laser we build for you. Once you’ve chosen the best Quanta device for your practice, we will give you an exact price that includes training, installation, warranty and marketing support.

Beyond actual laser cost, one must also consider cost of ownership. Quanta devices have no disposables or consumables and usually the lowest service contract costs, too. We want you to be as profitable as possible with your device. It is important to consider all the costs when buying a device, not just the base price.


Q: Do you finance your lasers?

A: We have relationships with a variety of lenders who can help you get a good lease payment to maximize your return on investment and profitability. You are also encouraged to check with your own bank to see what terms and payments they offer.


Q: What lasers do you have for hair removal?

A: Hair removal continues to be the #1 non-surgical laser procedure with over a million treatments performed each year. Unless you have a clinic that only does tattoo removal, it’s almost imperative that you have a good device for hair removal. It’s a treatment that brings people in the door and can be the gateway to other treatments you offer.

We have multiple devices that perform hair removal treatments and the right wavelengths to do them on all skin types. You want a device that will work well on the patient population in your area, and we can help you choose wisely.


Q: I want to do tattoo removal treatments. What lasers do you have for that?

A: We are so glad you asked! Tattoo removal lasers have been a Quanta specialty for over a decade. Our newest device, the Discovery, offers picosecond and nanosecond technology to treat tattoos. We also have the tattoo removal industry-favorite EVO Q-Plus C with 3 true laser wavelengths to erase all treatable colors of tattoo ink.

Our entry-level tattoo device is the Studio, and it treats all but the aqua blues and greens that you need a Ruby laser for. All Quanta tattoo lasers have ultra-fast warm-up time, OptiBeam I or II beam profile and tons of other proprietary features.


Q: Where are you located?

A:  Our Laser Labs and the Sales office are at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado, a western suburb of Denver. We are only 40 minutes from Denver International Airport if you want to come visit. We are also just 5 minutes from the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater and less than 2 hours from some of the most incredible skiing in North America.


Q: Can you help me market my laser services?

A: Absolutely! We love marketing and even wrote a Med Spa Marketing Guide. You can download or read it here. We will also provide you with photos, videos, social shareables and other assets that help you quickly get started on spreading the word about the new services you will offer with your Quanta device.

Quanta is active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Instagram, and will gladly link to good content you post about your clinic and the great results your Quanta laser offers to your clients.


Q: Can I upgrade my device in the future?

A: Yes. We understand that the laser you can afford today may or may not be the ultimate machine you want. Enter the booming market of tattoo removal with the Quanta Studio and upgrade it next year to the EVO Q-Plus C or even the Quanta DIscovery. Buy a device from the EVO line or a Discovery laser and add a Twain IPL handpiece at any time to expand your treatment offerings.


Q: How much does it cost to get my tattoo removed?

A: Even though we sell the lasers that remove tattoos and don’t perform treatments, we get this call a lot.  We can tell you that it depends on what color(s) of ink your tattoo is, how large it is and how long ago you got the tattoo. We’d be glad to connect you with a Quanta laser owner near you to erase that ink.


Have a question we didn’t answer here? Call us @ 844-694-1064. We love to talk about lasers.