5 Things to Do Now for a Profitable September

Summer was glorious, but now it’s time to get back to business.

September is one of the busiest months in medical spas and aesthetic clinics. Kids have gone back to school and moms have time and money to devote to themselves. For clients who like to plan ahead, there is plenty of time to schedule a series of skin treatments that will make them glow in holiday photos.

Here are five marketing ideas you can start on now to help make the most of this lucrative season:

Create New Treatment Packages
Clients love a good deal. Provide a discounted rate to those who buy packages and you can sell more treatments and keep clients coming back in. Pair up two or more services to get them to try something new or add in soft items like serums that complement a laser treatment or facial.

Schedule An Open House
Everyone enjoys a good party! Host an open house to show off your newest offerings, book appointments and sell treatment packages. Best times are usually a weekday from 2 to 8 p.m. or a Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. To double your guest list and defray costs, team up with a friend who sells jewelry, teaches yoga, or offers something else that complements your business.

Email Your Clients
Let them know about the latest news in your clinic. New staff and their areas of expertise, new devices, or new skin care lines are all a good reason to get in touch. You can also invite them to your Open House and tell them about special packages you just created.

Refresh Social Media Pages
Make sure you don’t have any outdated specials or posts on your feeds. Look at your page like a potential customer would and make sure it represents your clinic well visually and has the correct phone numbers, website address, physical address, etc.

Pick Up The Phone 
An old-fashioned phone call to clients adds a level of connection that email and text never will. Have special pricing to tell them about and a couple of appointment times to recommend that you would like to fill. This is a great task for an aesthetician looking to fill appointment times in their schedule and creates a connection with the client before they even come in. That rapport will go a long way with referrals and purchasing additional products and services when they come in for their next appointment.