The OPTIBEAM® technology is extremely important for any application where the Q-switched laser is involved. The laser beam profile must be as homogeneous as possible, otherwise longer healing time and side effects can occur. The extremely high laser peak power of these devices (more than 160 MW) has to treat the skin without any “hot points” in the spot size. The OPTIBEAM® handpiece assures a perfect flat top beam profile due to its advanced optical technology, distributing the laser power homogeneously all over the spot size.

OPTI-BEAM Laser Spot vs. Normal Laser Spot

Twain IPL is an optional pulsed light upgrade that allows you to expand your treatment options and profitability with your Quanta Light Series, MDK Series or Q-Plus Series device.

Available with up to six interchangeable waveguides which are simple to connect and easy to operate, adding either single-pulse or burst-mode IPL treatment options to the above listed Quanta lasers.Twain IPL Handpiece

Standard Interchangeable Waveguides

  • 625 – 1200 nm for hair removal
  • 570 – 1200 nm for facial vascular and benign pigmented lesions
  • 550 – 1200 nm for facial vascular and benign pigmented lesions
  • 400 – 1200 nm for inflammatory acne treatments

Optional Interchangeable Waveguides

  • 650 – 1200 nm for hair removal
  • 590 – 1200 nm for hair removal
  • “No one likes it when their laser goes down. It’s disruptive and costly to the practice, and takes our focus away from our patients. My experience with Quanta Aesthetic Lasers has been quite positive in this regard. First, our laser has been down…but rarely. My Quanta Q-Plus C has been significantly more reliable than my Hoya C6.

    Secondly, the response from Quanta Aesthetic Lasers has been tremendous. They are quick, concerned, and effective. In my experience, uptime is the single most important consideration, and my uptime with Quanta Aesthetic Lasers is significantly better than with other lasers.”

    - Dr. Fred Eaglstein, Dermatologist
  • “Unlike other Q-switch lasers in the market, the Q-Plus C with its multiple wavelengths is both a powerful and reliable laser. It is my laser of choice for tattoo removal and treatment of lentigines. My patients love the results!”

    - Dr. Gary Chuang, Tufts University
  • “I use the Q-Plus C to treat black and multi-colored tattoos and various pigmented lesions, including lentigines and café au lait macules. The ability to switch seamlessly between three different wavelengths is unique and invaluable. In particular, the addition of the 694 nm ruby laser to the platform allows me to treat the blues and greens that are resistant to Nd:YAG laser.

    The laser is high-powered and fast, with repetition rates up to 10 Hz and with choice of three different spot sizes. Unlike alexandrite lasers, the Q-Plus C is ready to fire almost immediately after turning the key and does not require a lengthy warm up time. In summary, I have been very pleased with the performance and reliability of my Q Plus C laser.”

    - Dr. Richard J. Ort – Dermatologist, Former Hoya ConBio Medlite C6 Owner
  • “Choosing the “right” laser in a complex marketplace is not an easy thing to do. I’ve been involved in the medical laser industry for a decade and I’m familiar with most of the major laser companies and their devices as we’ve owned many different lasers over the years. I chose to work with Quanta USA not simply because we feel their new Q-Plus C Tattoo Removal laser is the new industry platform to beat, but also because the team behind Quanta USA is first-rate!

    We put over 3 million shots on our Quanta Q-Plus C in the first six months at our busy laser tattoo removal practice and we are impressed at the quality and durability of our laser. Best of all, we can treat a vast palette of tattoo ink colors (listed in the Indications tab) without requiring expensive consumable polymer dye hand-pieces. Quanta USA didn’t try to rope us into the expensive service contracts like their competitors. I’d very much recommend Quanta Aesthetic Lasers to anyone who is serious about their laser business.”

    - Thomas H Barrows, M.D.
  • "The Quanta Q-Plus C tattoo removal system has been an incredibly reliable workhorse that has exceeded all of our expectations. We have experienced, literally, ZERO downtime with the two systems we currently own and have consistently gotten excellent results with both full removals and knockdowns for cover ups. Our results have been so good, we’ve actually had clients return to us after less than satisfactory results experimenting with picosecond devices. In addition to their industry leading technology, the Quanta team has always been very responsive to any of our questions, concerns or ideas and they never bother us with unsolicited sales calls. Their products speak for themselves, their service is unmatched, and that is why we’ve chosen to partner with them and are in the process of installing our third Quanta system."

    - Dr. Howard Bennett, Vamoose Tattoo Removal
  • "After extensively researching every laser in the industry with the goal to bring the best tattoo removal service to the Houston community, we are proud to partner with Quanta Aesthetic Laser. Quanta has set the standard with a global presence that is shaping the future for laser tattoo removal."

    - Jesse Nieto - Faded Rose Tattoo Removal
  • Disappearing inc Laser Tattoo Removal was started three years ago with one Quanta laser and has now grown to three studios, each of which has a Quanta Q-Plus C laser. When asked why we use Quanta lasers, our response is simple: they work more effectively than any other laser on the market and give exceptional results in fading and removing even the toughest of tattoos. Being able to access not one or two, but three wavelengths allows us to deliver to our clients the results they seek. Even on blues and greens, which have traditionally been the most difficult colors to remove, the 694 ruby crystal allows us to erase tattoos that other lasers cannot.

    Disappearing inc.’s rapid growth is a testament to the efficacy of our Quanta lasers and we look forward to working with them as we continue to expand and grow.

    - Rob Harris - Disappearing inc.
  • I continue to be humbled by the treatment I have received from Quanta and am very appreciative for all that you guys have done to make this feasible. Thank You a million times. I can't say it enough.

    - Dr. G.A. Sprauve, Sprauve Tattoo Removal
Source selection and wavelength Indications for Use
Nd:Yag laser
Nd:Yag laser
These wavelengths are absorbed by natural chromophores, like melanin, hemoglobin and water and by exogen pigments like tattoo ink. They are indicated for:
Tattoo removal:
1064nm: suggested for dark blue and black ink
532nm: suggested for red, orange, yellow, and purple ink Pigmented lesion removal (benign):
Cafe au lait spot
Ephalides, solar lentigo (lentigines)
Becker Nevus
Ota Nevus
Nevus spilus
Ruby laser
These wavelengths are absorbed by natural chromophores, like melanin, hemoglobin and water and by exogen pigments like tattoo ink. They are indicated for:
Tattoo removal:
Suggested for blue, sky blue, black, green and violet ink Pigmented lesion removal (benign):
Cafe au lait spot
Ephalides, solar lentigo (lentigines)
Becker Nevus
Ota and Ito Nevus
Nevus spilus
Mongolian spot
IPL 650-1200nm
IPL 625-1200nm
IPL 590-1200nm
Indicated for hair removal
IPL 550-1200nm
IPL 570-1200nm
Indicated for photocoagulation of dermatological vascular lesion (i.e face telangiectasia), photothermolysis of blood vessels (treatment of facial and leg veins), and treatment of benign pigmented lesions
IPL 550-1200nm Indicated for face vascular lesions and solar lentigines (benign pgmented lesions)
IPL 400-1200nm Indicated for inflammatory acne (acne vulgaris)
Laser Nd:YAG Nd:YAG Ruby
Wavelength (nm) 1064 532 694
Pulse width (ns) 6 6 30
Max Energy (mJ) up to 1000 up to 500 up to 1000
Fluence range (J/cm2) up to 28 up to 11 up to 25
Repetition rate (Hz) up to 10 up to 10 1
Spot size (mm) 2×2, 3×3, 4×4
5×5 (optional)
Electrical requirements 220- 230 V AC; 16 Amp; 50-60 Hz
Comes standards with NEMA L630 plug.