• Join Us at ASLMS 2017

    Of the ever-growing list of trade shows available for those in the aesthetic industry, one show that Quanta prioritizes attending each year is the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery (ASLMS) Annual Conference. This is a show focused on the medical applications of lasers and the science that supports their uses. Quanta Aesthetic Lasers… Read More

  • Lasers Being Used For Restoration At The Vatican Museums

    At least once in our lives, we all find ourselves speechless, thunderstruck by an extraordinary work of art. Quanta System and parent company the El. En. Group develop laser systems for the preservation and restoration of art works. These lasers are tools that give art the original beauty that time and pollution has concealed. The… Read More

  • Lizabeth Glynn Shares her Successful Career Pivot Into Lasers

    Lizabeth Glynn has been a licensed hairstylist for 35 years, and spent most of that time using her talents on friends and family as she raised her children.  As the years passed, she was looking for ways to get her own skin to look smoother and even out her complexion. Her dermatologist recommended a deep… Read More

  • Mission: Armenia with Dr. R. Rox Anderson

      TRANSFORMING AESTHETICS isn’t just the corporate slogan of Quanta Aesthetic Lasers, it is a promise. Laser technology has the opportunity to transform lives when it gets into the right hands and is used on those who need it most. Unfortunately, a disparity often exists where those most in need of innovative health technologies have… Read More

  • Announcements from Italy

    For more than six years, we have had the pleasure of doing business with the Italians at Quanta System near Milan. In that time, they have become much more than business partners, and are more like family. It is with great pleasure that we applaud the promotions of two of our Italian “brothers” that were… Read More

  • Selecting a Location for Your Med Spa

    Positioning your medical spa in the community is all about location, location, location.  If you are integrating aesthetic procedures into your current medical practice, you will have a captive audience of patients to cross-sell aesthetic procedures right there in your office. However, if you plan to build a stand-alone medical spa, I recommend a more… Read More