Quanta Laser Labs


As a customer of Quanta, you join a unique and highly diverse group, ranging from the twelve lasers that have been in continuous operation at the North Pole for 15 years, to the four lasers that operate at the South Pole. There’s a laser involved in restoring Michelangelo’s masterpieces at The Vatican Museum, and of course, the Quanta laser in your clinic.

We believe each device is of the upmost importance, and requires the very best care in the world. To meet your service needs, we’d go to the end of the Earth… and beyond. Did we mention that NASA is sending a Quanta laser on the Mars Mission in 2016?

This level of support involves intense teamwork founded on the philosophy of concurrent engineering. Quanta System, S.p.A., our Italian partner, listens carefully to our customers. Serviceability and reliability are proactively designed into the product. This enhances stability and reliability.

Quanta Aesthetic Lasers responds quickly and professionally to any issue that may arise. We work diligently to resolve disruptions quickly and cost-effectively. Our world-class capabilities include both a depot-repair facility and on-site engineers. Our customers love the high-caliber of service we provide.

“No one likes it when their laser goes down. It’s disruptive and costly to the practice, and takes our focus away from our patients. My experience with Quanta Aesthetic Lasers has been quite positive in this regard. First, our laser has been down…but rarely. My Quanta Q-Plus C has been significantly more reliable than my Hoya C6.

Secondly, the response from Quanta Aesthetic Lasers has been tremendous. They are quick, concerned, and effective. In my experience, uptime is the single most important consideration, and my uptime with Quanta Aesthetic Lasers is significantly better than with other lasers.”

~ Dr. Fred Eaglstein, Dermatologist