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QuantaShape is a proven ultrasound device, designed for the modern aesthetic practice.

The QuantaShapeTM uses focused heat to attack stubborn areas of the body that diet and exercise haven’t erased.  It is FDA-cleared for the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

  • Efficiently targets adipose tissue
  • Ultrasonic patented hand piece with 2 efficient ultrasound heads
  • Therapeutic massage hand piece temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite

QuantaShape uses a patented handpiece with two efficient ultrasound heads for specific and controlled emission of low frequency ultrasounds at a focused depth inside the subcutaneous tissue. A convenient touchscreen allows the practitioner to intuitively select and control all the machine functions, checking the parameters to be used or selecting from a series of preset programs according to the area to be treated.

Before and After Photos

QShape-before-221x222  QShape-After-219x222
Before Treatment (left) After 2 Treatments (right)

Photos courtesy of Marie DiLauro, MD

VASERshapeBeforeKwak-191x222  VASERshapeAfterKwak-192x222
Before Treatment (left) After 2 Treatments (right)

Photos courtesy of Andrew Kwak, MD

Quanta~fiable results, proven technology


Mention the word “Italy,” and something beautiful comes to mind.  It may be Botticelli’s Venus or a Tuscan hillside, the iconic David statue or the Duomo in Florence.  What we know for sure, is that Italians make beautiful things—and they also make things more beautiful.  In this tradition of artistry, Quanta Aesthetic Lasers is proud to add the QuantaShape device to our rich portfolio of European beauty technologies.

General Project, the maker of the QuantaShape, has enjoyed nearly 20 years in the Florentine Chianti hills, developing innovative products of high technological standards, dedicated to body care and beauty.  The QuantaShape is a proven ultrasound device–previously sold as the VASERShapeTM–with a therapeutic massager that is approved for the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

QuantaShape Specs

Power supply 110 Volt
Line fuses 4 AT 230 V (6.3 AT for  100 ÷ 130 V or  90 ÷ 120 V version)
Power absorption 500 VA
Number of output ULTRASOUND  HANDPIECE: 36 programs
Preselected programs ULTRASOUND  HANDPIECE: 36 programs
Ultrasounds frequency 1 MHz (± 20 %)
Modulated frequency 20-60 kHz
Max Ultrasounds density 3 W/cm2  max for each transmitter
BNR (Beam Nonuniformity Ratio) 4:1
ERA (Effective Radiating Area) 4.9 cm2
Class (according to  IEC 601-1) 1
Type B
Dimensions 470x530x400mm (l x p x h) without trolley
560 x 650 x 1930 mm  (l x p x h) with trolley and articulated arm
Mass (weight) 19 kg (55 kg with trolley)
Operating conditions Temperature: 15 ¸ 40 °C (59 ¸ 104 °F) – RH 65% maximum
Max operative altitude: 2000 m (6500 ft) above sea level
Storage environmental conditions Temperature: 0 ¸ 45 °C (32 ¸ 113 °F)
RH 80% max




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