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Quanta Q-Plus A

The most affordable way to start a tattoo removal practice

The Q-Plus Series of tattoo removal devices sets the standard by which all other devices are measured:

  • Q-Plus A powerful Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser
  • Energy up to 1000 mJ/pulse @1064 nm
  • Pulse Width of 6 ns.
  • Adjustable Repetition Rate up to 10 Hz
  • 510(k): K073549

Optibeam technology offers a flat topped, square spot and homogenizing optics to equally distribute energy across the beam, providing more efficient laser treatment.

Quanta Q Plus A Specs

Laser Nd:YAG Nd:YAG
Wavelength (nm) 1064 532
Pulse width (ns) 6 6
Repetition rate (Hz) up to 10 up to 10
Spot size (mm) up to 4×4 up to 4×4
Fluence range (J/cm2) up to 22 up to 11
Electrical requirements 220- 230 V AC; 16 Amp; 50-60 Hz
Comes standards with NEMA L630 plug.
Source selection and wavelength Indications for Use
Nd:Yag laser
Nd:Yag laser
The Q-Plus A Q-Switched laser is intended for treatment of vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, and for hair, tattoo removal and the incision, excision, ablation, vaporization of soft tissue for general dermatology.
IPL 650-1200nm
IPL 625-1200nm
IPL 590-1200nm
Indicated for hair removal
IPL 550-1200nm
IPL 570-1200nm
Indicated for photocoagulation of dermatological vascular lesion (i.e face telangiectasia), photothermolysis of blood vessels (treatment of facial and leg veins), and treatment of benign pigmented lesions
IPL 550-1200nm Indicated for face vascular lesions and solar lentigines (benign pgmented lesions)
IPL 400-1200nm Indicated for inflammatory acne (acne vulgaris)

Q Plus & MDK OPTIBEAM technology

Q Plus & MDK OPTIBEAM technology


Twain IPL Upgrade

Twain IPL is an upgrade, pulsed light option to expand your Quanta Light Series, MDK or Q-Plus device.  The six interchangeable waveguide options—simple to connect and easy to operate—add either single-pulse or burst mode IPL treatment options to the above Quanta lasers, expanding treatment options and profitability.

The six interchangeable waveguide options:

  • 650 – 1200 nm for  hair removal
  • 625 – 1200 nm for  hair removal
  • 590 – 1200 nm for  hair removal
  • 570-1200 nm for facial vascular and benign pigmented lesions
  • 550-1200 nm for facial vascular and benign pigmented lesions
  • 400 – 1200 nm for inflammatory acne treatments


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